Well, It IS The Home of the Creation Museum, After All

The Kentucky legislature holds hearings on global warming, and forgets to invite any actual scientists.

And now, the actual, real live quote that will make every good Kentuckian squirm, about the lack of scientists discussing a scientific issue:

“Well, I mean, where are we going to get scientists?” [Providence representative Jim] Gooch asked. “We’re limited here in Kentucky to what we can do. I don’t know how we’d necessarily get scientists to come here.”

And now, the Lexington Herald-Leader for the win:

A short drive to the east, at the University of Kentucky, geologist Brandon Nuttall said he wasn’t aware of yesterday’s hearing, but he disputed its premise.

“Actually, there is a worldwide, extremely strong consensus in favor of the fact that global warming is happening,” said Nuttall, who oversees research at the Kentucky Geological Survey into the potential of trapping carbon dioxide underground.

“Science is not where you vote on something and 100 percent of the people agree. It is based on compiling evidence and on a majority of scientists coming to a conclusion that is supported by the evidence,” Nuttall said. “When you see people who deny that global warming exists, they are frequently either not scientists or they are scientists funded at least in part by corporations with a financial interest in debunking global warming.”

What? A scientist in Kentucky? Madness, I tell you!

Incidentally, before your snark gets too partisan, please note that Jim Gooch is a Democrat.  Stupid and corrupt knows no party line.

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