Whoops, I’m Late

Life actually kept me busy all day long — I hate it when it does that — and I haven’t made a decision about the LOLCreashun winner yet. Thus: punting until tomorrow. At which time I really will announce the winner, promise. But now I’m going to sleep, because I’ve been up since 5am. Selfish of me, I know. I’m just that way sometimes.

Look At Me, I’m on the Cutting Edge

Amazon is announcing its Kindle E-Book reader even as I type this, and look at what’s one of the debut titles: The Ghost Brigades. Why TGB and not Old Man’s War? Got me. I’m just the writer, you know; no one tells me about these things. I suspect probably both of these titles will be on the slate, and TGB is the one that’s showing up first. And if it’s just TGB, well, see, there’s the wisdom of my policy of making sure each book in the Old Man’s War universe stands alone. In any event, if you’re one of those who’s itchin’ to Kindle, I’ll be there for you.

For the non-Kindled, I still don’t have any idea when other e-book versions of my work will be extant. Sorry.

As for what I think of the Kindle itself: Meh. It looks like a nice toy. But I look at it this way: I can pay $400 for an e-book reader, and then pay $7.99 for an electronic copy of a book, or I can just pay $7.99 for the actual book, which requires no expensive intermediary equipment to enjoy, and use that extra $400 to buy 50 more books. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Also: paying for a monthly subscription for newspapers and blogs you can read on the Web for free? That earns a fairly large WTF? from me. But, you know. Whatever makes people happy.

In Case You’re Wondering

I’ll make the announcement about who won the LOLCreashun contest probably this evening. Two reasons for this: One, I have work during the work day (funny about that), and two, there are so many good entries that I need time to pick. Damn you all for being clever!

Anyway: Patience.

Coffee Shop Drop Date

For those of you pre-ordering the second run of Coffee Shop, Subterranean has posted the tentative publication date of December 5, which means a) you won’t have to wait too long, and b) if you’re thinking about it for the holidays, it’ll be there for any gift-giving excuse you choose to have it for.

Coffee Shop’s not the only SubPress book of mine in reprint; “The Sagan Diary” is going in for a third printing, which will be out on December 3. Nifty.

Someone Who Groks the Fundamental Nature of Web Fame

“There’s enough people who’d look at me as just being famous for my stupidity, perversion, insanity, etc., to deter anyone looking for fame.”

— Randy Constan, aka the net’s own Peter Pan, on potential “gold diggers” looking to take advantage of his fame. From an interview here about his upcoming wedding. Yes, to a woman.