Coffee Shop Drop Date

For those of you pre-ordering the second run of Coffee Shop, Subterranean has posted the tentative publication date of December 5, which means a) you won’t have to wait too long, and b) if you’re thinking about it for the holidays, it’ll be there for any gift-giving excuse you choose to have it for.

Coffee Shop’s not the only SubPress book of mine in reprint; “The Sagan Diary” is going in for a third printing, which will be out on December 3. Nifty.

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  1. I hope they had someone good do the back cover copy. After reading Old Man’s War I was interested in more, but reading the back of Android’s Dream, it was several weeks before I dived in and found a great book which didn’t resemble the back cover text.

    A better selling job would have included some mention of the comic highlights and the moral journey of Takk. While not the main character (Rambo with a diplomatic career), it really shows the invention and creativity of the book. The whole cast seems the sort that Zaphod could have a good time with. Let potential readers know they are in for a fun ride!

    I know it is the publisher’s job, and have suffered in many of my own books because of some unforgivable hype. But seriously, I put off buying it because the back cover gave me no reason to think I’d enjoy it so much. Sure, I suppose I should just go out and buy all your books, but people will only do that after they’ve read one, so it is good to have an irresistible cover.

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