In Case You’re Wondering

I’ll make the announcement about who won the LOLCreashun contest probably this evening. Two reasons for this: One, I have work during the work day (funny about that), and two, there are so many good entries that I need time to pick. Damn you all for being clever!

Anyway: Patience.

9 Comments on “In Case You’re Wondering”

  1. Well, Dan, that would be entirely contingent on weather you take Scalzi literally or if you see him more as a metaphor – or like me, you don’t believe him at all (personally, I think he’s just a clever Turing machine experiment).

  2. Jim, I too have oftentimes questioned the existence of the One True Scalzi. I think, if anything, his words are to be seen as guidance. I think the message of the OTS is to live young, fart a lot and don’t ever be afraid of experimenting with pork.

  3. Jim, when one lives in Alaska, they’re allowed a few “weather/whether” slips. I think you get like, 3 a year at no cost.

    Now go shovel or something. ;)

  4. You’re a funny guy, Shawn. If fact, I just came in from plowing, because, you know, you just can’t get enough snow in one week. Really. I live in the foothills of the Chugach Range, overlooking the Knik Arm of the Cook Inlet – so the weather is something like your ‘lake effect’ only times ten. This morning however, is gorgeous, perfect for clearing snow. Woohoo.

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