Someone Who Groks the Fundamental Nature of Web Fame

“There’s enough people who’d look at me as just being famous for my stupidity, perversion, insanity, etc., to deter anyone looking for fame.”

— Randy Constan, aka the net’s own Peter Pan, on potential “gold diggers” looking to take advantage of his fame. From an interview here about his upcoming wedding. Yes, to a woman.

9 Comments on “Someone Who Groks the Fundamental Nature of Web Fame”

  1. Amazing. He hasn’t changed that Peter Pan web page in 6 years. Double amazing that he comes actually comes across as a normal person in that interview.


    That was worse than the porn links! possibly because I was smart enough to not click on the porn links.

  3. I don’t get the tiniest rumbling of “gay” from looking at his site. “Fey” perhaps, but it’s a very definite straight vibe.

  4. We went to a party put on by the people who manage Burning Man the next night. What a party that was!

    Well, yeah, I guess that pretty much goes without saying. Those Burning Man dudes know how to party, a guy dressed up as a pixie would seem pretty tame around that crowd.

  5. I remember seeing the Peter Pan site years ago and boy, it skated the fine line between fey and gay. And considering how rare fey really is, I think most people would instantly assume gay.

    Congratulations to Randy on understanding the nature of fame, and finding a spouse (although it looks like she could break him in two).

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