LOLCreashun Finalists and Winners

First, you people made it hard to pick a winner of the LOLCreashun contest. There were too many Coke-through-the-nostrils moments to count. My sinuses hate you all.

That said, here are my finalists:

From Midwinter:

From Cheesegimp:

From Bitfidget:

From Christian:

From Zakur:

From Jp!:

From Hentosz:

From Tzikeh:

Here’s the runner up, from Yuri2356:

And here’s the winner, from Saswann:

Yuri2356 wins the signed paperback edition of The Android’s Dream; Saswann the signed, limited edition of The Ghost Brigades. Congratulations to you both! Now, e-mail me from the same e-mail addresses you used to register at Whateveresque with your mailing information, and I’ll pop these right out in the mail to you. I’ve already got the padded envelopes and everything.

Thank you to everyone who played along. I think this was the most fun Whatever contest evar. We’ll have to do another one soon.

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