The Big Idea: Kristine Smith

Campbell Award winner Kristine Smith has a groovy new book out — Endgame, the completion of her Jani Kilian series — and she’s also the start of this week’s Big Idea column at Ficlets, talking about what it takes to make a “hybrid” character like Jani — part human, part not — not only believable but engaged in her own hybrid-ness. Apparently it’s hard out there for a hybrid. I don’t doubt that in the least. Check it out.

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  1. Weird. I *just* bought this book yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to crack it open, yet. I’ve enjoyed the others and I’m looking forward to this over the Thanksgiving break.

    I do want to say, that it has one of the most incredible works of cover art I’ve ever seen. I went over to Chris McGrath’s webpage to see if he had it available as a print, but no such joy…

  2. Phil–prints of any of the works on Chris’ Illustrations page are available according to this. The ENDGAME illo is on the top row, first from the end. Note that the model’s hair is a little longer–Chris shortened it for the final version. I don’t know which version you’d receive.

    It is an incredible cover. I asked for a print as soon as I saw it. The framed work is hanging in my home office. It’s so moody and dark and right. It catches the mood of the story perfectly.

    I hope you enjoy the book!


  3. I really enjoyed Endgame. It’s true that the book is *about* interesting stuff, and the plot moves right along, but I was particularly impressed by the grace and power of the writing. It’s definitely the maximum effect for the minimum (apparent) effort.

  4. Not to go all Mutual Admiration all over the place, but I really appreciated your Amazon review. You discussed a theme that I think is an important part of Jani’s overall story, but that is usually overlooked.

    And you discussed it more elegantly than I could, which aggravates me. I can write, but I have a hard time discussing what I write. You wouldn’t think it would be that way, but for me, it is.

    I’m glad the sweat didn’t show–and there was sweat, believe me. But it shook out in the end, and I’m happy with how it wrapped up.

  5. Off topic, but topical: I’ve just finished “End Game” by Michael Dibden. John, I think you’d like it. It takes aim at programmers (me!), west-coasters (me!), gen-xers (me!), ital-o-philes (me!), and is snark of the first order. Good stuff.


    PS: Oh, it’s a sort-of detective novel

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