Happy Thanksgiving

I’m off all day stuffing myself silly! I might return later this evening, but given the pernicious effects of tryptophan I can’t promise that what I write will make any sort of sense. So be warned.

For those of you online today: Dude, take a day off. But if you’re going to ignore me on this one — really, why should you start listening to me now — do the Thanksgiving thing and tell me about something you’re thankful for this year down there in the comment thread.

Me? At this particular moment, I’m thankful for a mother-in-law who is totally committed to stuffing about 27 pounds of food down my throat today. Go peritonitis!

21 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy thanksgiving!

    First time ever saying or writing it, but right now I wish we celebrated it here in Norway… This is not a good workday for me. Anyway, I’m thankful for my good friends and my health – and coffee!

  2. I’m thankful Joe Hill has not kicked me off his message board–yet. (The pink slip may be in the mail as we speak.)

    I’m also thankful my mom is still here to celebrate another Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody–God (or dinosaurs) bless us, everyone.

  3. I guess the turkeys are thankful that I didn’t eat any turkey today. We don’t celebrate out here in India you see.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for Ohio State beating that school up north again. It really is a bleak winter when you’re on the losing end. And I’m really shallow.

  4. Me, I’m thankful for my Other Half, and for having in-laws that are far superior to my own dysfunctional blood.

    And I’m thankful for friends who helped out with the turkey-day recipes. Good eats!

  5. Considering Canadian Thanksgiving was last month, before Hallowe’en, I’m waiting for the Christmas feedings. :) But I envy you your super long weekend. My thanks now is the same as it was then: Good friends, awesome family, and my health (such as it is).

  6. … mgmgrh mphmwk … kh-kh-krhhh … mmhmmmg grhmphm …*

    *{can’t type…eating. Happy T-day, all}

  7. I’m thankful that the Hub-bub and I actually found the courage and wherewithal to make the biggest change of our lives, and that we are spending the holidays in Los Angeles, our new home.

    And of course, I’m thankful for all the fine folks here on Whatever, who are invariably smarter than me and always make me laugh.

  8. I’m thankful that I have a freelance job which allows me to work a few hours on Thanksgiving, or not, entirely dependent on whether or not I want to. And if I want to read Whatever instead, then I can go right ahead and do that!

  9. My Mom’s in the States, celebrating Thanksgiving I suppose. I wish her well, but I can’t help the nagging feeling of suppressed resentment at her leaving us without a Thanksgiving. Really, Mom, I know it’s lame to celebrate it over here, what with having to explain to the guests what it’s all about and why we bother doing it, but… I WANT ME STUFFING!


  10. My SO and I have had double (relatively minor) health issues this week. He is getting out of the hospital today, and I have been laid up since Monday but am feeling much better today. So, even though we’ll just keep the bird on ice until sometime next week, we are thankful for remaining in relatively good health from day to day, and for our kids who are in excellent health and spirits, and for good friends who take off work on a moment’s notice and drive me and my litter to the hospital. So, we’ll for sure be celebrating next week sometime.

    Happy Thanksgiving to youse all! Stuff yourselves for us.

  11. At this particular moment, I’m thankful for a mother-in-law who is totally committed to stuffing about 27 pounds of food down my throat today.

    She doesn’t make her own pate, does she?

    I’m thankful for the chance to get together with almost my entire family, a meal that went exceedingly well, enough leftovers to allow us to eat without cooking for the next week, and a very pleasant tryptophan haze.

  12. I’m thankful for the people who make Balvenie (a wonderful single malt scotch), and George Miller for directing”The Road Warrior”.

  13. My Wife and I are sooooo thankful for all the grandkids (10) and that they are ALL healthy and well…most of them were here today and Grandpa had three of them on his lap at once and we all took a after dinner nap togather…Damn Turkey…but loved the pumpkin pie. Grandma got a good scald on everything, as usual. hope everyone a Peaceful and Safe Thankgiving.

  14. I am profoundly thankful that I was able to visit a family friend who had such a profound influence on me growing up that I cannot articulate it, whom I rarely am able to see, and who has recently been diagnosed with a particularly vile strain of cancer.

    I am thankful to have found him in good spirits and mentally alert and eager to read the book I wasn’t sure I should have brought him.

    I am thankful and joyful to realize that his family has grown through several mergers and expansions more than I’d realized in recent years, and that their home was full of life and laughter in the face of the alternatives.

    I am thankful that this friend is looking forward to meeting my child after its birth in a few months. I look forward to making the introduction.

  15. Mike Says:

    November 22nd, 2007 at 7:09 pm
    Giving thanks for the increased speed of the internet with so many North Americans offline today.

    Pure genious.

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