Daily Archives: November 23, 2007

Attack of the Logy Brain

I promised someone I would do a big write-up of the books I’ve been sent recently, but I swear to you that if my brain actually climbs out of first gear at any point in the day it will be a miracle, so I’m going to punt until Monday. I can do that! It’s a […]

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Everything’s Better With Massive, Heart-Defibriliating Drums

Proof: Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “Crank That” without massive drums: Cromulent. Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “Crank That” with massive drums, courtesy of Travis Barker: F’n awesome: Thank you, class dismissed.

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Your Friday WTF, 11/23/07

English kids getting high by huffing fumes from burning plastic trash bins. Lucy in the sky with garbage!

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