Attack of the Logy Brain

I promised someone I would do a big write-up of the books I’ve been sent recently, but I swear to you that if my brain actually climbs out of first gear at any point in the day it will be a miracle, so I’m going to punt until Monday. I can do that! It’s a personal site! You can’t stop me! Bwa ha ha ha ha hah ha!

In lieu of any writing today, I may fiddle with the site look a bit. Or, hell, I may just wander off and play videogames all day long. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, after all. Being logy and brainless is what it’s all about. Well, that and shopping. And I’m not doing any shopping today.

14 Comments on “Attack of the Logy Brain”

  1. I protest your laziness and will have to call and have my subscription cancelled. I mean, the delivery boy always hits my flower beds anyway….


  2. The number you need to call is on a web-page which is not accessible from the Net. It’s a Zen thing.

    I always love it when you mention you’re changing the background and someone comments on it. Huh. I don’t see a change. (pause to click on Refresh) Ooo — shiny!

    Dr. Phil

  3. I drove past a Best Buy last night and saw people camped out in front of the door. Like, with tents. I thought there was some kind of ordinance saying you couldn’t do that without a costume and a plastic lightsaber.

    My siblings and I are taking this rare opportunity (because I’m home in DC for the holiday) to kick some serious video game butt. Lumenlab projector + living room wall + thanksgiving leftovers + pie with clotted cream = win.

  4. I’ve been playing hooky from RGR today and playing Call of Duty 4 (PC). Best shooter ever. Total brain vacation. I’m having a decadent blast today sitting home while the piranhas of commerce are out stripping the bones of carefully prepared displays and endcaps. Whee!

  5. Thanks Mike. It sounds like a sour milk type thingy and that wouldn’t be good. But, I would try it.

  6. Well my clotted cream was an imitation of what my favorite cafe in Belfast was calling clotted cream when I was there– it’s heavy whipping cream, whipped, without sugar. It doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance to wikipedia’s idea of clotted cream… not sure what’s up with that. Honestly, though, it’s good with apple pie (come to think of it, I may have had real clotted cream on my apple pie in Ballycastle– that was pretty good too).

  7. Oh Annalee, that sounds a whole lot better than what Wiki was saying. Or, maybe I was only reading the more negative yurky sounding words and skipping the yummy sounding ones.


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