Deadline Schedule

Book is due at the end of the year, which if you’ll check your calendars is six weeks away, and has some annoyingly time-consuming holiday things before it.

What this means: Whatever is a now a secondary priority. Indeed, pretty much everything that doesn’t involve me finishing the book is a secondary priority. Also secondary priorities: Eating, sleeping, bathing, shaving, keeping Athena from playing with power tools, being a pleasant human being to be around. Don’t tell my wife about those last two.

What that means for Whatever readers:

1. Whatever won’t get updated unless/until I have written a certain amount in the book daily and/or

2. You’ll get repeats from the vasty depths of the Whatever archives and/or

3. I’ll figure out some sort of audience participation thing to keep you all amused and/or

4. I’ll do some easily programmable thing that will take me fifteen minutes a day to bang out and/or

5. Some combination of any or all of the above.

I do want you all to be amused, but at the same time, you know. Book. Deadline. Gaaaaah.

Anyway, Whatever is on Deadline Schedule starting… now.

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