Author Interview: Josh Conviser

Over at Ficlets, I’m interviewing Josh Conviser, who’s one of those guys that make you a little sick, because not only does he write novels (his most recent one being the snappy techno-thriller EMPYRE), he’s also got a career in Hollywood (you might have seen the most recent show he was involved in, HBO’s Rome), and he’s a genuinely nice guy. Sick making, I tell you.

In the interview we talk about the new book, the challenge of writing a second book with the same character (EMPYRE is a follow-on to his novel Echelon, although both books are stand-alone, a strategy I heartily endorse), the state of the surveillance state (a theme in both books), and the differences between working in Hollywood and working in your own little office, banging out a novel (one difference: No hot D-girls (or D-boys, if you want to go that way)).

It’s an excellent interview, and if you miss it, you will be gripped with the sort of existential dread that drove Nietzsche mad! Well, actually, it was probably tertiary syphilis that drove Nietzsche mad. But the existential dread didn’t help. Hedge your bets. Go read the interview. Also, go to the doctor and get that shot you’ve been putting off. I’m just saying.

3 Comments on “Author Interview: Josh Conviser”

  1. John,

    This is just a quick note to say that I really enjoy your author interviews. Thanks for letting us know here (Whatever) when they’re available there (Ficlets).

    I just picked up “Keeping it Real” by Justina Robson at my library last night because I read your interview of her a few months ago.



  2. Hrm…now I’m tempted to pick up the book solely on the basis that I saw the last three episodes of Rome, was gripped, and figure hey, I might be equally gripped by his other writing. :) (Whereas if you hadn’t mentioned Rome, I would have thought, “Pretty cover, maybe I’ll check out that interview….later. When I’m not working.”

  3. Rome was the best thing on cable. I will never forgive HBO for canceling the adventures of Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus. Unless, of course, HBO actually makes the contemplated Song of Ice and Fire series. In which case all is forgiven. Unless it sucks, in which case all is unforgiven.

    Seriously though, Echelon and Empyre look like a good read.

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