One Small Thing

My Creation Museum Flickr set has now gotten 100,000 views. I think that’s kind of groovy.

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  1. It’s some of your best work, and highlights your wit outside the realm of science fiction — I hope it draws readers/viewers to your work, because I was certainly no fan of the genre until convinced to try out OMW by Wheaton. Everyone I’ve shared the slideshow with has loved it.

  2. Completely unrelated, but last night I managed to get The Android’s Dream. The story is hilarious, as I went to the sci-fi section of Borders and found only OMW, TGB, and TLC, in ANY form. I looked TAD up on their computers and it said “Likely In Store”. So I got help. The nice employee determined that they had five copies and they had last sold one on Halloween, so they HAD to be somewhere. Chasing around the store for ten minutes yielded nothing…until another employee plucked TAD right out of the center of a “Featured Paperback” display. We had managed to completely miss it, despite it being in the literal center of the shelf.

    Quite fun. I’m 173 pages in now, and I gotta say it’s pretty dang cool, Scalzi. I’m very glad I bought it.

  3. It could be because some freaks, like me, go back over and over and over. You just can’t get enough kreashun science. It’s better than paxil.

  4. Right. 6000. Not only that, but the moon really is a light, not a reflector, and it is only in the sky at night! That thing you see sometimes in the daytime is an illusion put there by Satan.

  5. My response had nothing at all to do with any religion, Jim. Unless you consider 4chan a religion. I got your reference, though. I’ve someone attempt to convince me of the 6k year thing.

  6. Dear Blasphemer Julia, everything has to do with religion – or so I’ve been told. Repeatedly, and with great enthusiasm. As recently as this week. When I mistakenly made a crack about the creation museum in a group where as it turns out there was a Young Earth Creationist. Oops, my bad (apparently really bad since I am now destined straight for heck). Oh well.

  7. *grin* Everything has to do with religion…if you WANT it to. That’s how these things get going! ;)

  8. It’s something from the .org website known as 4chan, aka the cesspool of the Internet. They often coin the buzzphrases one sees on the Internet, and their zillion members are the main manufacturers of the picture “macros” that you see scattered about the place. “Over 9000” is some nonsensical phrase they made up while horsing around in their forums and started slapping on pictures willy-nilly. 4chan creates the Internet form of earworms. Encyclopedia Dramatica MAY have a decent explanation, but you can never be sure with that site.

  9. Actually, “Over Nine Thousand!” is a line from an episode of the Anime Dragonball Z, when someone exclaims in terror that the power level reading their analyzer gives is “over nine thousand!”

    Calling 4chan the cesspool of the internet is a little harsh. I mean, everyone there is a degenerate and moral void, but at least they’re not not4chan – or gurochan… (if you take the time to look those two sites up, you’re responsible for any mental scarring that may occur.)

  10. But 4chan made it popular, Scott, and thus my point still stands on its own.

    Um, they kind of are and it’s not harsh if I’m telling the truth. The raiding (by other chans as well) and the ridiculous attempts at Internet terrorism, not to mention pages and pages devoted to ripping poor schlubs who just wanted to put their photos on their Myspaces for their friends apart. It’s filled with petty, sewer-mouthed children with way too much time on their hands. Pretty much why I only ever open Macrochan. I am very, very well aware of what “guro” means, so I have no need to go crusading.

    I mean, at least Something Awful manages to actually be *funny* in their mocking of all things Interwebby.

  11. Ah, that would explain why I didn’t get the reference.

    4chan: yeah, if I want to listen to a bunch of badly behaved children bitch slapping each other around, I’ll watch the Republican Debates. Do not want.

  12. On the Creation Museum thread, someone said this:

    “What I don’t get is why they bothered with the dinosaur bones to begin with. I mean if it were me, I’d say God created the world with the bones in it. ”

    And it struck me — God palmed off a used earth on mankind! Nowhere in the Bible (that I know of) does it say that this is the first and only earth. Sort of like a landlord with a vacant building, he sets us up in this sort-of-used handyman’s special, and says, “You’re on your own, kids! Stay out of trouble.” Then the kids don’t stay out of trouble and he more or less washes his hands of us, sending his supers around now and then (we call ’em priests and rabbis and Imams and senseis and all) to make sure we’re not breaking our lease too much.

    Now that is a theory that bears investigation. Hmmm… wonder what the former tenants were like…


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