In Case You Were Wondering

That thunking sound you heard at about 11:45 pm eastern time was every college football fan in Ohio falling to their knees, hoisting their arms toward heaven, and exclaiming “Praise Jesus! We’re going to New Orleans!

It’s going to be a long December.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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…And this former resident of Columbia, Mo., who now lives in Lawrence, Kansas is annoyed. I’m right there with my immediate neighbor upthread.

It would’ve been nice if Kansas had been beaten by the team that wound up in the championship game… but hey, the Ohio State fans want it pretty bad. I’m happy for them, and sympathetic toward you.

As a non-Buckeye fan living in Columbus, I can tell you it’s going to be a very, very long December. The college football gods, they live a small corner next to the Old Gods and the Kracken, have bestowed quite a gift upon the perspective lacking Buckeye nation.

Here in greater Los Angeles, THE game is USC versus UCLA, kind of a City Championship for the #2 city by population (and media market) in the USA.

It was a sloppy game, with half a dozen turnovers. USC won, and so gets to go to the Rose Bowl, the grand-daddy of the college football bowl. Against whom? Would have been Ohio State, except for the events that tiggered this thread. Maybe Illionois.

Had USC not inexplicably lost to Stanford, they’d still be in the hunt for the BCS Championship.

To my father, THE game was Harvard-Yale.

To my alma mater, Caltech, they still talk with wonder about the 1946 season where, as many top players were in The War, students from several universities were temporarily on Caltech’s football team which, as a result, went not just undefeated against UCLA and others, but unscored-against.

In my era, Caltch’s football team had the unofficial slogan: “Only team where the average IQ of the players exceeds the average weight.”

I don’t know why everyone thanks me. I had money on West Virginia.

Yeah, you thought I really did make teams win football games. If that was the case, why don’t you ever hear a player go, “Yeah, we were winning the game until Jesus made us miss that field goal kick.”

Satan, on the other hand, makes a killing on point-shaving schemes.

Jesus Christ,

Thank you. Since we’re almost heaven, I figured you’d occasionally make the trip to come to some of the games, since it’s all but local for you.

And we have always had the best marching band–after all, their primary theme is Appalachian Springs, which is just a fancy riff on Simple Gifts.

I wish I didn’t care. I really get too worked up over it all and then there is the big let down after the season is over….

Grr..I really don’t think that LSU should be number two. But, I do hope they beat the crap out of OSU.

I guess we’re off to the Fiesta Bowl.

Since we’ve been living in backwards world (I Never EVER thought I’d see U. Kan. and “undefeated’ in a headline in my lifetime in regards to football. I did go to a college my first year at a school that has traditionally been a football heavy hitter, U. Miami Coral Gables and that was a consolation).

Since Mizzou lost, we’re going to the Orange Bowl.

I totally sympathize with you, John. We here in Denver are constantly deluged with sports nonsense. The Rockies going to the big dance was about the biggest thing that’s ever happened here. And watching them go down in flames was just rough. Not that I care about sports, but everyone around me was just in their own private purgatory.

And now, again, the Broncos are neck and neck for first place in their division, but even if they managed to get to the big playoffs, they’ll be beaten by some team back east (you know who you are) so badly as to leave marks on their children’s children.


Though no offense–I’ll be cheering for my gold and blue. :)

If you think about it, pay attention to Pat White both in the pre-game and during the game. He’s both cute, a class act, and a genuinely nice guy. If he goes pro, I think I’ll start paying attention to the NFL, just to keep watching him.

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