More Proof We As a Culture Have Come to the Very Ends of Our Rope

Kitty Wigs.

I’m just gonna go ready my Apocalypse Preparedness Kit. Because apparently I’m gonna need it real soon now.

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  1. Why, oh why? And how does the cat stand for it? Is it anesthesized and only has its eyes open because its lids were stapled to its eyesocked?

  2. Psssh. No worries, brother. It is its own punishment. As I’ve heard happening with Easter grass, within 48 hours of receipt some doof with more money than brains will be gently extracting strands of poo-covered wig hair out of an upset kitty’s bu’hole. And hopefully getting scratched raw to boot.

  3. Dear god, no. All that needs to be paired with is a charming cashmere KittyCoat and the apocalypse would indeed be nigh.

    Also I suspect the cat is either drugged or stuffed. I mean, come on, its a cat. If you make it look ridiculous a cat will give you the “You will die in horrible yet unanticipated ways when you least expect it” stare. That cat just looks stoned.

  4. Egads, if the cat was wearing it willingly, it’d be a reverse-furry situation. Which is just wrong.

    Who am I kidding, the whole thing is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Now, maybe if kitty had a glow stick necklace/collar, we’d be on to something. Maybe… Raver kitteh? No. No no no no no.

  5. Y’know, now that I’ve thought about it, that picture does look just sinfully fabulous with your wintery background.

  6. lannalee – Westbrook, Maine – Lanna Lee Maheux is a speaker, podcaster, actor, geek, silly person, femme fatale, singer, lover, twit, and recovering Stand-Up Comic. Host of the podcast Lounging with LannaLee. Since 2010 she has co-hosted The Lex and Lanna Show with Alexis Lyon. In 2011 she and her husband Edmund, started their own bi-weekly podcast, The Bureau of Awesome.
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    Well, at least it’s not as slimy as bacon…

  7. I don’t believe the Kitty Jesus ever walked the Earth telling the feline faithful to turn the other cheek. I believe the cat motto is ‘The Food Ape shall Pay’.

    I mean is putting a wig on your cat really worth finding mice guts on your pillow? Or your favorite shirt shredded? And I hope the obviously deluded person who believes himself the ‘owner’ of that cat doesn’t have stairs.

  8. Carol Elaine – Spend my days being creative with acting stuff & cleaning up after animals for money. Spend my evenings cleaning cat puke for free. 'Tis a glamorous life.
    Carol Elaine

    Eddie Clark, you mean something like this?

    TransDutch, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at least the cats wigs are way less cheesy than the dog wigs.

    Then again, the proprietors of both stores should be properly punished by their pets. With lots of scratches bathed in lemon juice.

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    Do these count as merkins?

    Thank you! Thank you! I do all my own stunts!

    Oh and the picture is so NSFW (to link to the previous Susie Bright Entry).

    Now I just need a pimp comment and I’ll make the Whatever trifecta today!

  10. Well now, I do know a dog who would love an assortment of wigs, as he begs to have his owner (a ten year old) put her doll’s wigs on him, literally. He’d wear the clothes if he could, too.

    But cats? And she wants HOW much for those things?! I think that’s the worst. If I can get a decent wig that’s cut much better from Amphigory for $30, why would I pay $50 for THAT?!

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  12. Wow, if I ever tried to put a wig on my cat I they would find my horribly mauled corpse 3 days later when the neighbors starting complaining about the smell…

  13. That is almost as bad as taping some bacon to a cat. No, honestly, I heard some guy on the internet did that.

  14. The, uh, “model” is a cat named, and I am not making this up, Chicken.

    The picture with her wearing the pink wig makes her look even more stoned. Someone’s been hitting the catnip a little hard…

  15. I know it’s wrong, but I think I want one for Christmas. I can just see my bf giving me that look now as I take pictures and video of his cats with wigs…

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