Famous Again

Look who just showed up at Icanhascheezeburger.com.

No, I didn’t send the picture in. I was showing off the daily collection of funny cat pictures to Krissy and we were both surprised when our cat scrolled into view. She really is more famous than I am.

That said, if I were going to put up a picture of her at icanhascheezeburger, it would be this one:

Because it just always cracks me up, that’s why.

7 Comments on “Famous Again”

  1. I *thought* that looked like Ghlaghee (sp?) when it popped up on my LJ feed! Glad I’m not going crazy. I wonder how that photo got onto ICHC?

  2. Arrrggh! Why are lol cats so famn dunny? I HATE baby talk. It drives me batty. I won’t let my kids do it (well to me anyway, baby girl can do it to mama all she wants, if mama is cool with it and with babygirl’s friends if they feel like playing like that . . . dad isn’t a complete ogre making unenforceable and stupid demands).

    But post some “I can has Amish!” And I’m gigglin’ like I’m “additted to the crack. ”

    Why why why?