A Seasonal Link

Been getting some e-mail asking me to put up a link to The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time. It’s here. Enjoy.

9 Comments on “A Seasonal Link”

  1. Well if you’re rerunning this, shouldn’t you post the one about the journalist doing social commentary who cited this as proof……

    What the hell was he trying to prove again?

  2. Hee. My favourite is the ST episode…anyone who could write that has clearly watched way too much Trek, speaking of geek cred. ;)

  3. Thank you, John — truly I had not seen this before. (Did I mention I was caught up through August 2003 when Whatever warped into the Whenever?) It’s funnier than majority of Lampoon material I’ve sampled, and “classic” in the sense that it will continue to be funny at least a decade from now… unlike, say, GrandmaGROBaR.
    The contrasting Nugentian and Lucas references – both prescient, one true, both improbable – are priceless.

    Any new prognostications for the current season? (Heard that Chomsky’s hoping to land funds for airing of “Deterrring Xmas”… )

  4. Aykroyd is misspelled, possibly intentionally. I only knew this because I saw it on Jeopardy one time. Honest.

  5. What is it with you and Ted Nugent? Christmas With The Nuge, the Nugentians in The Android’s Dream. It seems a little bit unhealthy, if you ask me.


  6. I just finished The Android’s Dream and it cracked me up. Being from Waco, I absolutely howled when I saw the “Nugentians.” Absolutely inspired. :)