We’re having a frosty day.


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  1. We’re having an icy, daycare opening late, everyone driving slowly sort of day.

    Fantastic photo. Lots of branches to pick up?

  2. That is a great photo. Are those branches near water? I’ve only ever seen “pipe cleaner” looking frost on branches overhanging a river. The warm, wet air grows some amazing ice crystals.

    Regardless of the science behind it — great photo.

  3. Is is supposed to be a bit cool here, high in the low 60s today. But says we’re back up to normal December weather with a high of 78 tomorrow here in Dallas.

  4. We’re at 5 degrees now with a possible high of 30 (yeah right). I was amazed that the frost on my car this morning was minimal.

  5. Yeah, it snowed from 6am to 7pm all day yesterday in Germantown, MD. the thawing with the snowing and the refreezing. Slipped and slid my way to work this morning.

  6. Austin has been sunny and cool-to-warm this week. Coldish-to-cold overnight — had to drip the faucets one night — but overall it’s been lovely.

    This is why a body puts up with the Austin summers.

  7. It is kinda’ nice outside but a little frosty in my office. (Damn university heat turning on policy!)

  8. It’s a balmy -13C this morning. After all the snow we’ve had earlier in the week, the drive to work has been slow and slippy. If snow could fall everywhere except the roads, I’d be a very happy ‘Manda.

  9. Yesterday was the first snow in Baltimore, and today it’s mostly turned to ice. Pretty, though.

  10. The pipes that serve part of my house froze this morning. Fortunately, I got them unfrozen with no pipes bursting, but still, a PITA.

  11. Wet and windy here in Scotland. An unusually mild (+)13C.

    Heavy snow predicted for Saturday though. Cool. (In more ways than one!)

  12. I live in Alaska, John, so all I can say is, welcome to the party.

    Actually winter is my favorite time of the year here in the Great White North – no bugs and no tourists. Ahhhh!

  13. Well I live in Oklahoma and it is actually a really mild winter it is really cold but we haven’t got any snow yet but we are hoping for some soon!!! I love when it snows it is so pretty seeing all that white it is just really nice to see every once in a while!!

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  15. Our snow’s just gone and started melting. Gotta remember to shovel it off the driveway before it freezes into a solid lump and blocks the car in for the rest of the winter. I hope that doesn’t intend to happen until I stop running a fever.

  16. It’s cold here. Right now my TV says -15 (Celsius). Actually that’s warm for this time of year, but still too cold.

  17. @21: The nifty part (IMHO) is that it actually *warms up* in order to deliver rain… moreover, the apparent humidity seems to decrease. (Please don’t ask me to try to justify that subjective observation; it just does that, okay?)

  18. It was 31 yesterday morning. 68 yesterday afternoon. Yeah, it’s great. Don’t bother wearing a sweater, just wear a short-sleeved shirt and a warm coat. Wear to coat to work, don’t bother putting it on after noon.

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