Daily Archives: December 10, 2007

Testing Hulu Embedding

If this doesn’t work, I’ll delete it. If it does work, hey, have a legally cromulent Simpsons episode.

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They’ll Call it “Scalzidelphia” For a Day

For those of you living in or near the city of Philadelphia, some appearance news: I’m the guest speaker at the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society this next Friday, December 14 at 9pm at The Routunda. Click on that link for more information and directions. Currently, this is my only scheduled public appearance on the eastern […]

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A Month of Writers, Day Eight: Patrick Rothfuss

As a reader I made my acquaintance with Patrick Rothfuss after he left a signed copy of his book The Name of the Wind for me at Uncle Hugo’s book store in Minneapolis, where I had a stop on my book tour. I have to admit that while first looking at the book I felt […]

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Video Interview (in France!)

Jeff VanderMeer has a gig blogging for Amazon, and while he and I were in France for the Utopiales festival, he went ahead and interviewed me on video, primarily about The Android’s Dream. The whole write-up (in which Jeff says some kind things about me) is here, but I’ve gone ahead and put the video […]

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The Zombie Robert Heinlein Rises From the Grave Yet Again to Annoy the Politically Correct

Oh, look, another newspaper writer is digging a deep hole to shove Robert Heinlein’s reputation into, mostly by intimating that no one takes Heinlein seriously anymore anyway, trotting out a bookseller to intone about Heinlein being a fascist, and even hauling up the New York Times assessment of moi last year to wonder if being […]

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