They’ll Call it “Scalzidelphia” For a Day

For those of you living in or near the city of Philadelphia, some appearance news:

I’m the guest speaker at the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society this next Friday, December 14 at 9pm at The Routunda. Click on that link for more information and directions. Currently, this is my only scheduled public appearance on the eastern seaboard between now and who knows when (I don’t), so come on down or miss me possibly forever. Also, this will be a fine time for you to make the acquaintance of PSFS, which is an excellent group of people who put together an excellent convention (Philcon) and are otherwise excellent, and would probably be happy to have your excellent self learn more about their group and maybe even participate. So there you have it.

26 Comments on “They’ll Call it “Scalzidelphia” For a Day”

  1. Philly? Are you sure it’s safe?

    Oh, and did you see the news? You should have held Brandon Sanderson out a couple of days, as he’s in the news now, since he’s been selected to finish the last Wheel of Time book.

  2. Yes, I saw that about Brandon. It’s completely awesome, and couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  3. *is bummed*

    About Philly, mind you, which is too far and as the kids say, on a school day.

    *is excited for Brandon though*

    Saw the news about him getting the gig on his LiveJournal. Was pleased as punch.

  4. The important question: Is Philly close enough for Chang’s stalking purposes?

    Just wondering. After all, I suppose I have my own level of crazy stalkerdom. Did you know that Fine Cooking listed a Bacon of the Month club in the January 2008 issue? Mmm, bacon.

  5. (Side note: When somebody is pleased as punch is the punch in question punch, like the beverage, or Punch, like the annoying puppet? I could see both punches, specially if the beverage one is spiked.

  6. Chang:

    Currently no plans for Boskone. Already have six conventions on the sked for 2008. Which is a lot.

  7. Chang: I was bummed too. I was almost counting on Boskone when I moved to the North East. And ironically, Scalzi keeps returning to that city from whence I moved. (San Francisco). I figured at least New York….but Philly. Bah to Philly. (Although I will give a heads up to the single person I know in Philly and maybe they will show up.)

  8. I’ve never met the PSFS folks, but their name gave me a chuckle. When I used to live in the area, one of the tallest buildings in Philadelphia was the PSFS tower, with its four illuminated letters looming gigantically over Center City.

    Alas, my flight back there for the holidays will be a week later, so I won’t get to meet Mr. Scalzi.

  9. Pixelfish

    Online etymology dictionary says:

    the puppet show star, 1709, shortening of Punchinello (1666), from It. (Neapolitan) Pollecinella, dim. of pollecena “turkey pullet,” probably in allusion to his big nose. The phrase pleased as punch apparently refers to his unfailing triumph over enemies.

  10. Nathan: Thank you for solving that mystery.

    We who are about to attend Boskone (well, in a few months anyway) should have un-Scalzipalooza, wherein we hoist a few to our unseen host.

  11. Chris M: I’m told there was some, um, discussion about the name a few years back. It ended with an agreement that PSFS wouldn’t lend money, and the bank wouldn’t run science fiction conventions.

  12. If you can get to the city early in the day, make sure you visit the Mütter museum if you haven’t been there yet.

    Where else can you see the liver of Chang and Eng the 19th century Siamese twins, or the body of the ‘soap lady’?

  13. I’ll be lighting out of work early to get there – anyone else in Center City (9th and Walnut – ten minutes from the rotunda) want to get together for drinks before hand? Or should we wait till afterwards and try to drag you along with us your speakership?

  14. Bensdad00:

    I’m sort of on the hook with the PSFS people afterward (they are flying me out and putting up in a hotel for the night), so I’ll probably do any after-appearance eventing with them. But thanks!

  15. Sure, the night of the company holiday party…that’s the night you come back to Philly. I didn’t even think PSFS was still a going concern. I haven’t been to Philcon in years. Ah, well.

  16. I almost missed this entry; heaven forbid I don’t read your blog every day.

    I’ll be there; is there an author’s rule against signing already-signed-limited-edition copies of your work?

  17. Oh curses! I’m near the middle of the state, but where do I choose to go this weekend? Pittsburgh. The opposite (in more ways than one) of Philly! yarrrrrrr.

  18. Yes! Scalzi on the East Coast… it’s about time. I’m canceling my plans and heading to Philly!!! My 2nd edition copy of “You’re Not Fooling Anyone…” would look great with a signature, please :-)

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