Video Interview (in France!)

Jeff VanderMeer has a gig blogging for Amazon, and while he and I were in France for the Utopiales festival, he went ahead and interviewed me on video, primarily about The Android’s Dream. The whole write-up (in which Jeff says some kind things about me) is here, but I’ve gone ahead and put the video below. Note how my bald spot makes it look like I have a divot off the top of my head. It’s tonsure-rific!

5 Comments on “Video Interview (in France!)”

  1. Cool interview. Androids Dream sequel!? Being a new reader, I must have missed that.. Kickass!


    Scruffy, Furry Scalzi > Clean Shaven Scalzi

    You look so much more menacing being unshaven. Or is that because you’re in crunch time and “there simply isn’t time to shave, man!”?

  2. See, here’s the thing. Have you noticed that your brain will “fill in” things it needs? From a person you need 1) a face 2) a voice. Whatever you don’t have, you imagine. So all this time, I read Sr. Scalzi and I have the face and my brain filled in the voice. I must admit, it was much more Darth Vaderish in my head . . . .

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