Off to Philly

If everything goes well, I won’t be updating again until I’m in the City of Brotherly Love. If everything doesn’t go well, I’m sure to post a tirade from the airport. Aren’t you excited to see which it will be?!?

Anyway, play nice, and hopefully I’ll see some of you tonight.

14 thoughts on “Off to Philly

  1. I’m a random stranger, but I’ll be there. Looking forward to it. I hope the tirade won’t be necessary!

  2. Have fun and be safe!

    BTW, my copy of You’re Not Fooling Anyone arrived last night and it is beeeeeeeoooooootiful!

  3. Hope you’re there for the weekend. We’re in for a winter storm (snow/ice pellets) here in SW Ohio starting tomorrow morning and running thru Sunday morning.

    Whatever happens, have fun in Philly!

  4. As a native Philadelphian, welcome to my city. Despite the cliches, we won’t boo you (unless you suck), and there is much more to eat than just cheesesteaks (chicken cheesesteaks, for example). I hope you enjoy your stay!

    – Jeff, currently about halfway through “The Android’s Dream”

  5. Saying you’re at the hotel, and actually *being* at the hotel, can be two quite different things.

    I’m jus’ sayin’…*

    * Which, of course, isn’t the same as jus’ bein’…

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