A Philly Moment

Seems like I just got here and I’m packing up again. Which is because, well. I was only supposed to be here for a day, anyway.

Briefly: Had a lovely time at the PSFS meeting last night. The folks seemed happy to see me, and I got to do my stomping around the stage, one-damn-tangent-after-another thing that I apparently do so well. I started off having a point and just kept losing it because something else shiny caught my brain. Now I have the slimmest of ideas what it’s like to be Eddie Izzard. But people seemed to enjoy it, or at least did not pelt me with fruit. So if you’re a science fiction writer, and you’re offered a chance to chat at a PSFS meeting, I encourage you taking the opportunity to do so.

Off to the airport soon. It’s currently snowing in Ohio; I suspect there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be delayed or worse. Wish me luck.

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