A Month of Writers Returns December 26

Because nothing goes better with Boxing Day than writers!

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  1. My silly calendar lists the 26th as boxing day. I can only assume you wished us to get our inspirational ideas flowing before we come upon this tight deadline. Many postings will come of this. My calendar was a freebie from a drugstore and therefore could have …inaccuracies.
    Kwanzaa is also starting about this date.
    So many inspiring ideas. So little time.
    Inspire me. What exactly is boxing day (Canada)? I have boxing gloves and many cardboard boxes, but I may be missing the deep spirit and meaning of the holiday.
    I mean no affront to any Canadian readers.

  2. Boxing Day is the day that Canadians bring their unwanted presents back to the store for a refund. While there, they buy the extra inventory that the store has put on clearance. These Boxing Day Sales have become so popular, that the stores have decided that a day is no longer long enough. So now we have Boxing Week Sales. Basically, it’s a second day off of work for most people.

  3. This is an annual puzzlement and I’m not sure why it isn’t common knowledge by now:

    Boxing Day is the day in late December when the spirits of John L. Sullivan and Rocky Graziano visit homes all over the world. They don’t bring you anything, but you have to leave out a couple nice Delmonico steaks and several boilermakers lest they engage in fisticuffs and knock over your tree.

    No one knows why it is only observed in the Commonwealth of Nations. That twist is lost to history.

  4. Boxing day started from Victorian times, it was supposed to be the servants (butler, maids – upstairs and downstairs, head cook, other kitchen helpers, governess(s), gardener, chauffeur, bottle-washers and what have yous) day (1) off. Of course only after working steadfast and tireless all Christmas Day for their upper-crust betters. Not that they became bitter or anything. But why and when the Boxing tag/connection was begun, I have no idea. I seriously doubt the workers were busy putting silver teapots away on their one day off.

  5. Boxing day was originally the day on which mimes would gather in the town square and demonstrate their talents. The highlight was always the “man in the invisible box”. Those who were not able to produce the “desired” effect were deemed “safe” and permitted to live. Those who seemed to “really” be “in a box” were stoned to death. This is how, to this day, the mime population has been kept in relative control.

  6. Boxing day was the day servants/other workers would get their Christmas box (ie. gift) – although it’s usually cash.

    Back in the 80’s I did a newspaper round, 7 days a week starting daily at 5:30am so I could get back in time for breakfast and school. Biking through knee-high snow in pitch darkness, bitter cold, etc, etc. I got paid 6 quid a week (about US$10?) Fortunately I took over the round in November, which meant I got to collect the cash on boxing day. All up, I scored about US$140 in one day, and I had so much change in my pockets my coat was down around my knees.

    I used the money to buy a Sinclair printer for my 16k ZX81.

  7. Kelsey @ 9 – It’s the day that a different breed of dog is elevated to Canadian Icon status, whereas it’s the Husky for the rest of the year.

  8. I was kind of surprised you know what Boxing Day is! Today being Christmas Eve I wsa happy to receive a present from you- sort of- my Scalzi on Writing book arrived today.

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