The Final Ficlets Big Idea, Plus ’07 Big Idea/Author Interview Index

Today I posted the final “Big Idea” entry I’ll have over at Ficlets, and it’s from Nathalie Mallet, the author whom Night Shade Books had debut its mass market paperback line with the fantasy/mystery novel, The Princes of the Golden Cage. Kind of cool to debut an entire new line of books, I’d say. Well done, Ms. Mallet. And I hope you’ll go check out what Ms. Mallet has to say, and give the feature a good sendoff there.

As to whether this is the end of “The Big Idea” in the larger sense, the answer to this is “no”: I have plans to continue it and author interviews here at Whatever, and possibly add in a couple other writer features as well. Stick around when it turns to 2008 for more details.

If you’ve missed some of this year’s author interviews or “Big Idea” features, never fear, I’ve links to the whole lot of ’em here. Enjoy.


Kristine Smith
Ekaterina Sedia
Jeff Somers
Jeff Carlson
Eric Berlin
Matthew Jarpe
Jim C. Hines
Christopher Barzak


Josh Conviser
Tobias Buckell
David Anthony Durham
Lawrence Schimel
Sandra McDonald
Justina Robson
Robert J. Sawyer
Allen Steele
Jennifer Ouellette
Alma Alexander
Elizabeth Moon
Jon Armstrong
Adrienne Martini
Tim Pratt
Duane Swierczynski
Hal Duncan
Joe Hill

Looks like I averaged about one of these every two weeks. We’ll see if we can’t do better in 2008.

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  1. It might be going like gangbusters and making $$ for AOL… but if it isn’t…. I’m sorry I never got around to getting around to that Ficlets thing..

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