“The ‘It’ Couple of Young-Adult Lit”

Look at this: The Village Voice has a big, gushy article about my pals Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld, talking about how cool they are and how everyone loves them and how they smell nice and everything. Well, it’s all true.

Remember, kids: Scott and Justine are the Guests of Honor at this year’s ConFusion convention, which is just four weeks away, and at which, incidentally, I am Toastmaster. Oh, yes. There will be revelry. You miss this, and, well. You’ll spend the rest of 2008 weeping, that’s what you’ll do.

(Picture above by Tina Zimmer, for the Village Voice. I stoles it, precious!)

6 Comments on ““The ‘It’ Couple of Young-Adult Lit””

  1. Love you, love the blog, but I’d rather pumice Ann Coulter’s feet than go to Detroit in January.