Minor Housekeepery, 12/29/07

For those of you who live to obsessively follow the tweaks I give the Whatever, you’ll note that I’ve changed the sidebars in the following ways:

  • I’ve deleted the RSS feeds for By The Way and Ficlets Blog, because after two days from now I’ll not be updating there anymore;
  • I’ve reinserted the site colophon (“Taunting the tauntable since 1998”)
  • I’ve added a “Random Whatevers” widget which will pop up links to five randomly selected Whatever entries from since the site was moved over to WordPress. At the moment that would be about 240 entries, but naturally that will grow as time goes on.

I may add a couple more tweaks later today; if so I’ll update this post.  I know you’re on the edge of your seat for that.

Also, let me know if you notice the site slowing down any; the Random Whatever widgets makes calls to the database, and I want to be sure that doesn’t present a performance issue.

4 Comments on “Minor Housekeepery, 12/29/07”

  1. The site seems to be running fine for me. I love the “Random Whatevers” widget. For some reason, it kicks up a little bit of nostalgia for me as I see conversations I may have taken part in, and I see other things I missed.

    Handy thing, that.