A Month of Writers 2007: An Index

In case you missed some part of A Month of Writers and want to catch up, or just want to have a handy list, here’s all the Month of Writers participants in one place. Please read them and buy all their books.

My sincere thanks to each of these writers for letting my borrow their words through the month. It helped me quite a lot. And I hope you, the reader, enjoyed this month of writers as much as I did.

9 Comments on “A Month of Writers 2007: An Index”

  1. Thanks to your month of writers, I’ve finally discovered that my local library systems does indeed have an upper limit on concurrent “holds.” :-D

  2. My new year will be spent reading lots of good books found on this author list.
    Thanks!! and a Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks! You’ve helped open my eyes to a number of authors I’d not considered before. I already bought two of the books mentioned. And I’ll definitely take this list with me to the bookstores. That way, if I’m not looking for something in particular, I have someplace to start.

  4. Hey John –

    Thanks for the great month of book suggestions and writer comments – it all made for an outstanding read. Thanks for being such a wonderful resource to all of your fans, friends and writers everywhere. Your site continues to be one that I check every day. Best wishes in 2008.


  5. I want to thank you for introducing me to even more blogs and journals that I won’t be able to keep up with.

    No, wait . . .

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