Your Last Cat Pic of 2007

Because I know there would be a riot if there wasn’t one.

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  1. Ahem.

    {carefully checks balance on torch…touches fingertip to pitchfork tine…}

  2. O Great Scalzi, what a magnificent picture of Her Shimmering Radiance and His Mightiness. About time.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club has unanimously awarded you the coveted

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Seal of Approval Award
    (expires the end of 2007)

    Keep up the good work. We also expect that you will kick off 2008 with another picture or dozen of Her Magnificence tomorrow.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  3. I feel inattentive for not knowing there was a second cat-creature in the house. Maybe I did know and forgot– I can’t keep anything straight.

    Ghlaghghee should write a bathroom reader. I’d totally buy it.

  4. AAAAAAHHH CHHOOOOO! ::blows nose, rubs itching eyes, reaches for Benadryl::

    Absolutely lovely cats, John, but did you have to let them shed on your blog?

  5. I know I’m in the minority here in the Intertubes, but I prefer dog pictures. I’m just sayin’.

  6. Prolly an old story for long time readers but where did you come up with a name like Ghlaghghee? Did he/she suffer from furballs at a young age thus making Ghlaghghee like noises and earning that as a name? By the way I am not a cat hater. Contrary, I love cats and my current and past cats especially.

  7. Actually, I’m a New Zealand Lurker. It’s been ’08 here for about 13 hours. So far it’s been a good yeah.

  8. Weirder than Ghlaghghee being an alternate spelling of fluffy is Juan Herrera being pre entered into the name field when I returned to read more comments. Oh wait, Juan Herrera is an alternate spelling of Rembrant.

  9. John, do you know where that snowman decoration came from? it would make the perfect gift for a friend of mine.

  10. bug report. Kodi Appreciation Society was already entered into the name field this time. I did run a spyware/cookie killer this afternoon so maybe it’s me. It usually is. At anyrate happy 2008 to all.

  11. The other kitty is Lopsided Cat, whom we have had longer than Ghlaghghee, so technically Ghlaghghee is the “other kitty”.

  12. Thank you for presenting a cat’s eye view. My cats are tired of seeing other cats from a human point of view. As if they had any right to look down on cats.
    Happy New Year all!

  13. At least yours get along evidently. Our original two never really got along, they just tolerated each other. And now that we have six of them, even the two litter mates we have only seem to tolerate each other. Not that we’ve ever had a chance to properly introduce them together, they always get thrown together to go find their hiding places. Except for the stray cat that was the first one to use our cat door and refused to be thrown out of the house. She spent a month on one pillow on the couch, only leaving to eat and to sometimes use the outdoors for the bathroom. She was a pretty old cat to begine with, although she was the size of a kitten. She will be missed.

  14. I can see where Athena learnt her excellent disdainful look from now.

    *raises hand as an Aussie ‘lurker’*

  15. Okay, is lopsided kitty named Kodi? And, I just have too much trouble even spelling Ghla..g, uhm, h–forget it. Fluffy it is.

    Super picture.

  16. Disdainful catz is disdainful.

    Kodi is invisible. Give me a loldog! (But bang out 5K words first, there’s a good fellow.)

  17. If there were no last cat picture of 2007, that would mean that you would have had to post an infinite number of cat pictures in 2007. In which case you would have bigger problems than riots.

  18. Thank you once again MWT. Is Lopsided Cat a Maine Coon Cat?

    Kodi is cute, but dogs are just too damn needy for me.

  19. Hey, how’d my Gremlin get over to your place for New Year’s?

    Seriously, the right-hand cat (Lopsided Cat?) looks much like mine. (I do have mine on a diet ;-) ).

  20. PS: Dana, my Gremlin is almost as needy as a dog… she was hand-weaned, and raised by a woman who treated her like a baby.

  21. Dana Jean:

    Both Lopsided Cat and Ghlaghghee are generic mixed breeds (they share the same mother, in fact), they just have definite breed markings.

  22. Dana Jean:

    My cat, Pixel, looks rather like Lopsided Cat (click my username to see a picture of her). I’ve been told by the pet groomer that worked at her vet’s office that she’s at least part Maine Coon, and I believe that Janice at the Whateveresque made much the same comment. But Pixel is, as John said of LC, a generic mixed breed (she was a stray kitten when I got her).

  23. Oh hugh, Pixel is a beautiful girl. I can definitely see Maine Coon in her. How much does she weigh? Apparently they are the largest breed in the domestic cat family, right?–Ragdolls being second largest.

    Thanks for sharing that. I love to see people’s pets. Especially Cats because, yes my friends, cats are very kewl.

  24. “Mr. Scalzi said: Both Lopsided Cat and Ghlaghghee are generic mixed breeds (they share the same mother, in fact), they just have definite breed markings.”

    That is amazing that they share the same mother, I would have never picked them out as relation. Sort of like Forrest Gump and Bubba.

    I’m sure this has been answered, but why is Lopsided Kitty lopsided? She’s not missing a leg is she? I just picture her like some wobbly table. You know, if she’s missing a leg, she could always get one of those really snazzy machine gun prostheses. Yeah, I like that. Maybe she could talk to Heather Mills.

  25. Dana Jean:

    Lopsided Cat is a he. He is named such because his head is generally at a tilt, an artifact of an ear mite infestation when we adopted him (he wandered into the yard and said he was ours, basically).

  26. Dana Jean,
    Pixel weighs about 7 lbs., last I checked. She’s not all that big, but she’s an indoor/outdoor cat, which means she gets a lot of exercise chasing squirrels, rabbits and such, so she doesn’t get fat (if she ever does get fat, I’m changing her name to Megapixel).

  27. Oh, my apologies to Lopsided Cat for the gender identification snafu. He is beautiful and I’m very sorry his kilter is off.

    And Megapixel would be a very cute name. hahahaha

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