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As many of you have noticed, the search function at the top of the pages here only covers stuff that’s in the WordPress database, which only goes back to September 30, 2007. Which is not particularly helpful at the moment. So I’ve created a Google-based search of the entire site and its subsites, which is available here. You’ll also see it’s linked in the “Administrivia” section of the sidebar, under “Full Site Search.” Enjoy.

10 Comments on “Search the Whole Damn Site”

  1. Yeaaaaaah! Now we can follow Scalzi’s obsession with Pluto, which gets 72 hits on the search.

    Don’t search bacon, though. You might crash the system.

  2. Yay! Finally, a google search that doesn’t list a woman chiropractor when you search for “Shawn Powers”

    I’m the most popular Shawn Powers in the Scalziverse. Hooray!

  3. Google’s search works fine only for those pages they crawl. For any new page/changed pages, you may need to wait until Google get them downloaded again to their search index.

    Well, it may be just fine for your purpose, but, in case you need something more than that, you may consider a hosted site search solution other than Google.


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  4. Google crawls the site on a very regular basis, actually, so usually this isn’t a problem –indeed, this entry has already been indexed, for example. But thanks.

  5. Odd when I click for comments for this post I get a flash of some kind of error before the page changes but only on this post not the others. Wish I could speed read it off since I can not freeze it.

  6. I see, so seems like Google crawls your site pretty often.

    One other thing I am not sure if Google would provide is the keyword report. The report should show the keyword searched on, what time it is searched, from what ip address/city/state/country, search result count for that keyword, etc.

    The keyword report would be very beneficial for marketing your site.



  7. Dear John:
    Der erganzenden-Netzstelleung Erfindungsdienstprogramm bearbeitet von Google schaunt sich nicht mehr erreichbar. Ich erwarte sein Wiederkehrung, wenn das moeglich sei.

    [The whole-site, Google-enabled search function appears to be no longer available. We misssssesss it, we misssess the precioussss… I await its return, if such is possible.]

    Just sayin’.

    My German-born relatives would generate high torque in their respective burial sites, if they ever heard me mangle the idiom so. +1 for subjunctive, -1.0e10 for unabashed malapropismic usage.

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