Viable Paradise Accepting Applications

Viable Paradise, the week-long sf/f writing workshop at which I will be gleefully warping the minds of aspiring writers teaching this upcoming September, has now opened to applications for this year’s session. Aside from me, your other instructors include Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, James Macdonald and Debra Doyle, Laura Mixon and Steven Gould, and Elizabeth Bear. That’s a pretty good lineup of people telling you how you’re doing it ALL wrong sharing their expertise in the craft and business of writing sf/f with you.

No more than 24 student slots are available, so if you’re interested, find out what you need to do and then apply. Good luck!

14 Comments on “Viable Paradise Accepting Applications”

  1. As an LJ-friend of a former attendee, she mentioned that we can direct questions to the instructors prior to applying. My question is: will you be offering a segment on adhering pork products to domestic housepets?

    (Honestly, I don’t know if I’m applying this year or not — I’m supposed to go to Africa for 3 weeks in January of ’09, and without a ton of vacation time banked, VP could conflict badly.)

  2. Did they warn you about sharing a condo with me?


    You can have the good room, if you want. Cory let me have it last year.

  3. It’s going to be the Condo of Unspeakable Fun! Now let us never speak of it again. Because it will be unspeakable, see.

  4. Pop quiz! John Scalzi’s teaching style is most reminiscent of:

    A) John Houseman in The Paper Chase
    B) Edward James Olmos in Stand and Deliver
    C) Maggie Smith in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
    D) A muted trumpet in This Crap is a Fifth-Rate PK Dick Re-hash, Charlie Brown

    Answer in September!

    (Actually, it sounds like it would be a blast. Good luck, all.)

  5. My 5th grade teacher was awesome too, he read The Hobbit to us and let us record our own version of the Goons – The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler.

  6. As an VPXI attendy, I just want to say three things:

    1. Viable Paradise is a blast, and exceedingly helpful to new and aspiring writers. I loved every moment of it, and if I hadn’t just attended the last one I’d be considering applying again. It’s hard work but it’s worth every second of attendance.

    2. This is a major opportunity. How often do you get a slew of brilliant writers and editors together focused on your work instead of their work? Especially in the beautiful Martha’s Vineyard? Go for it!

    3. Although I am exceedingly glad to have met Cory, I am upset that I won’t be getting the brilliant insight of Scalzi’s opinion on my work. I did read The Ghost Brigades while I was there, but still, it would have been so cool to meet him in person.

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