Daily Archives: January 2, 2008

Lopsided Cat Laughs at My Concern

Me, letting Lopsided Cat through the door: There you are. Dude, I was worried about you last night. It got down to single digits and the wind tore shingles off the roof. I thought you might become a catsicle. Lopsided Cat: Yes, well. I know you might not have gotten the memo, but rumor is […]

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How Athena is Spending Her Last Day of Christmas Break

Yes, it comes as a surprise to her as well. And no, I wasn’t really waiting around with a camera for the moment when my precious offspring barfed the content of her adorable widdle tummy into a bowl. This is one of those dramatic enactments you hear so much about on TV. However, she is […]

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Promising to do to Science Fiction What Gawker Did to Celebrity

There’s a new blog out today called io9, edited by Annalee Newitz, from the same folks who brought you Gawker, Defamer and Valleywag, and which will, presumably, write about science fiction and its creators in the same way as the those previously mentioned blogs write about New York celebrities, LA movie stars, and socialtarded Silicon […]

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