Give My Regards to President Hoover

Perhaps the earliest computer-retrievable reference to (a) John Scalzi, from 1929.

No relation, as far as I know.

One Last Thought Before I Dive Into Book Writing for Several Hours

Not that I have any time to watch late night shows tonight, but if I did, I’d be watching the ones that have actual writers working on them, and not so much the ones that don’t.

(And yes, I’m still writing Zoe’s Tale. The plan to finish during the holidays? Holidays got in the way. Stupid holidays. PNH, please don’t hit me. And also, PNH: Happy Birthday!)

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

Oil at $100 a barrel.

Happy 2008!

Lopsided Cat Laughs at My Concern

Me, letting Lopsided Cat through the door: There you are. Dude, I was worried about you last night. It got down to single digits and the wind tore shingles off the roof. I thought you might become a catsicle.

Lopsided Cat: Yes, well. I know you might not have gotten the memo, but rumor is that I have a really thick fur coat. And if it gets too cold I just disembowel a raccoon, snuggle into the carcass for warmth and then eat my way out of its body in the morning.

Me: I see. So, want some cat food?

Lopsided Cat: No thanks. It was pretty frosty last night. I’m kinda full.

Me: Ew.

Lopsided Cat: I saved you some. It’s by the garage steps.

Me: You shouldn’t have.

Lopsided Cat: I’m just giving that way. Anyway, not that this isn’t fun, but you’re blocking me from my nap.

Me: Sorry. I know you need your rest.

Lopsided Cat: Damn straight. Those raccoons don’t disembowel themselves, you know.

How Athena is Spending Her Last Day of Christmas Break

Yes, it comes as a surprise to her as well.

And no, I wasn’t really waiting around with a camera for the moment when my precious offspring barfed the content of her adorable widdle tummy into a bowl. This is one of those dramatic enactments you hear so much about on TV. However, she is indeed not feeling particularly great at the moment. Whether this is just a part of a deep game, setting the scene to avoid school when it resumes tomorrow, is something we’ll have to find out. Although with the current temperature at about 8 degrees, and nasty wind and snowdrifts, I expect it’s 50/50 that school will be canceled tomorrow anyway. All this possible dramatic posturing for nothing.

Promising to do to Science Fiction What Gawker Did to Celebrity

There’s a new blog out today called io9, edited by Annalee Newitz, from the same folks who brought you Gawker, Defamer and Valleywag, and which will, presumably, write about science fiction and its creators in the same way as the those previously mentioned blogs write about New York celebrities, LA movie stars, and socialtarded Silicon Valley millionaires. I’m not entirely sure the world is ready for breathless tidbits about how people spotted such-and-such science fiction writer at such-and-such convention (“ZOMG! [X] was at the hotel bar! He was pudgy, had a beard and wore a Chthulu t-shirt! He was polyamourlicious!”), but perhaps some good will come of it.

(And look, they covered the Creation Museum report during their beta-testing. The writer is disappointed that I made up the fact that Rodan came from the ancient continent Rodinia. Hey, it’s no less true than most other scientific facts in that particular museum.)

Just as a warning to Newitz, et al: The moment you start thinking you’re too clever for the room is the moment we set the hounds on you. And by “the hounds” I mean the folks at Fandom Wank. Oh yes. They are so very ready.