Daily Archives: January 3, 2008

If You Get This, You’re Probably a Dork

Note the following set: (For those of you hard of seeing, they are magnet versions of the following US States, in order: Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Montana, Colorado, Idaho.) What is the next state that would be added to this set? And for extra credit, what would be the last state in the complete set? […]

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Point of Privilege

Over the last week or so I’ve heard rumors of some sort of “privilege list,” which was developed by some academics to make their students aware that whatever level of privilege they had before they got to college, they were all at the same place now (which is Indiana State University, apparently). I heard about […]

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The 2008 Award Pimpage Post

As has become my annual thing, each early January I note what works I’ve had out there that are eligible for awards — specifically the Hugo Award, since that’s my genre most notable award at the moment. This year, I have quite a spread of eligible material, so let’s dive in to this round of […]

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