Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

Hey, This Can of Worms is Strangely Unopened!

The folks at Science Fiction Awards Watch are soon (Friday) to be posting a poll about pro SF/F folks nominated in fan categories, and have posted a prefatory entry explaining why, which says, among other things: “Please note that this is not intended to be simply about John Scalzi.” Which is to say it’s not […]

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For Your LOLCatting Pleasure

I present you with the following raw material: She was about 25 feet up at the time, incidentally. Why? Why not? Who knows why cats do any of the damn fool things they do. She came down eventually, when she realized it was either she come down on her own power, or let the rising […]

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Why It Won’t Work

Sony BMG spokesperson: We’re pleased to announce we are the final major music corporation to release electronic tracks without that pesky DRM! All you have to do is leave your house, go to a selected retail outlet, buy a special card there, go back to your house, scratch off the back of the card to […]

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