For Your LOLCatting Pleasure

I present you with the following raw material:

She was about 25 feet up at the time, incidentally. Why? Why not? Who knows why cats do any of the damn fool things they do. She came down eventually, when she realized it was either she come down on her own power, or let the rising wind knock her out of the tree. Anyway, enjoy putting funny misspelled captions on this. Here’s a LOLCat builder, if you need it.

Update, 8pm: Athena has contributed her own LOLCat.

47 Comments on “For Your LOLCatting Pleasure”

  1. It reminds me of my first and only cat. When he trapped himself on the top of a 7 meter high tree in a neighbor’s garden for at least 3 hours, crying until the neighbor noticed him and warned us, and then proceeded to come down just in time to spare us a call to the firefighters, we (me and my parents) decided that our life was too messed up already to share it with such a stupid beast and happily gave him away to an old lady.

  2. Reason: Bushy-tailed tree-rats are tasty and live up here.

    Of course, squirrels, not being fruit, move. My own cuddly little bundle of fluffy evil has not yet figured this out. I figure its one of those kitty zen things. Like when you point at something and the cat looks at your finger.

  3. “Who knows why cats do any of the damn fool things they do.”

    {Raises hand.} Because their brain is the size of a walnut? I know my cat’s CPU provides just enough processing power to 1) eat, 2) find “the box,” and 3) stare at things. But I luvs her all the same.

    The other day, one of the Changs reminded us that, supposedly, cats have staff and dogs have owners. More charitably all around: cats have entourages and dogs have teammates. But honestly? Cats have orderlies.

  4. Re: Jeff@9
    Sign immediately inside the door at my house:
    “This house maintained entirely for the comfort and convenience of the cat(s)”

  5. Reminds me of my cat Conan. He was about 22 pounds of lean Maine Coon and actually got stuck in a tree. He reached over to another branch and managed to get in a position where he did not have the leverage to get either set of claws loose. He hung there for 10 minutes looking like a wet sock before I was able to get a hand under him and lift him up enough to get loose. How he made it to 20 years plus I do not know.

  6. Oh, and twenty years from now, no one will understand why LOLcats caught on. They’ll be the pet rocks of this decade.

  7. I don’t know what you all are going on about. LOLCats, like disco or Nehru jackets, will never die.

  8. With my special CSI image analysis software I can enhance the image so I can see data that was never saved. This made it so I could see blue bird feathers sticking out of the corner of the suspects mouth. Book em Dano.

  9. Hee! Good one, Theophylact. Now, we just need The Official Ghlaghee Fan Club to show up.

  10. A friend’s cat got so thoroughly stuck in a tree they had to rent a cherrypicker to get him down. after about 20 hours. The cat was mad at his owners afterward too.

    Glad that wasn’t the case with Gloggy.

  11. O Great Scalzi, what a wonderful picture of Glorious She in repose. Contrary to your foolish speculation, She came down because – She felt like it. That is all, and should be sufficient even for the lowbrow Whatever readership.

    The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club has examined the various captions and found them wanting.

    Here is the last word:

    No further attempts need be made.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club