Hey, This Can of Worms is Strangely Unopened!

The folks at Science Fiction Awards Watch are soon (Friday) to be posting a poll about pro SF/F folks nominated in fan categories, and have posted a prefatory entry explaining why, which says, among other things: “Please note that this is not intended to be simply about John Scalzi.” Which is to say it’s not about me, but it is largely my fault this discussion is taking place, because I was nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo last year, and some folks crapped bricks over it. If it happens again this year (or if another pro is nominated in a fan category) we’ll likely have enough fans crapping bricks to build us a shithouse at Denvention.

Personally, I doubt I’ll be a nominee in that particular category this year; if nothing else, my lurking presence should be enough to motivate fans to nominate others whom they see as more fannish than I. If the result of my appearance on last year’s slate is renewed interest by fans in the category, and a wider range of nominees than usual, this is not a bad thing. Go ahead, fans! Exclude me! Make my day. (Just, you know, consider considering me in other categories.)

To be very clear on this, again, I’m not going to vote for myself in the Fan Writing category, and I think folks who are considering nominating me look at other folks in the SF community who are writing smartly about topics of interest to fans. Some examples, completely off the top of my head: Nicholas Whyte, James Nicoll, Marissa Lingen, Kate Nepveu, Chad Orzell, Kevin Standlee, Cheryl Morgan, Deb Geisler, Chris Garica, Steven Silver, John Hertz, Rick Kleffel and Ernest Lilley — Not to mention Toby Buckell, Tempest Bradford, Elizabeth Bear, Nick Mamatas, Patrick and/or Teresa Nielsen Hayden, David Louis Edelman, Wil Wheaton, John Joseph Adams, Sarah Monette, Chris Roberson, Jay Lake, Lou Anders, and, oh, Dave Langford. Because, yes, I do think having pros on the slate is perfectly fine. Hopefully not in every slot. But these folks are doing fan writing. They are fan writers. That’s what counts. Anyway, go look at all these folks (for a start) before nominating me again.

In any event, check out the entry at SFAW, and add your thoughts, comments and suggestions there.

By John Scalzi

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I think most art awards are silly. Some less so than others. Art is so subjective that measuring it seems more like a popularity contest than a real competition based on the quality of the work.
Are there any writers that aren’t fans of the genre they write? I hate romance novels so I think I’ll write one. Doesn’t seem likely to me.

Thank you, John. You’re very sweet. But the day I get a Hugo nomination (that would be “one” nomination), I’ll known to look for my mom on the supporting members’ list of Worldcon.

You’re another story. Well, not entirely. Mom would vote for you, too.

I support pros in the category…if they write for fanzines. Yes, I know blogs qualify, but I want Best Fanwriter work to appear in Fanzines!

Then again, the easiest way to get my vote is to write for The Drink Tank because that’s one less article I have to crap out!

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