By Popular Demand

Llama recipes. Eat hearty, you Incas!

That’s Sorted, Then

I and a few other science fiction writers define what the term “science fiction” means over at SF Signal. Because apparently there was some question. As extra bonus metareferentialosity, I cite myself! Mmmm… smugtastic.

Evidence My Life is a Bit Odd, In a Good Way

I just passed on a Guest of Honor opportunity at an excellent convention in 2009, because I’m already scheduled that weekend to officiate a wedding.

Yes, I officiate weddings. No, not in Klingon or Elvish. Stop that.

Your New Hampshire Discussion Post

Clinton and McCain, with Obama close enough behind that he can’t be feeling too bad about it. Discuss.

I’ll start: I think it’s worth noting that both Clinton and Obama both topped 100,000 votes, whereas McCain ended up with 87K and Romney, the #2 GOPer, had about 74K. Win, place and show, the Democrats have something in the area of 250,000 votes, while the top three Republicans have about 187,000 votes. That’s a fair disparity, especially in a state with more registered Republicans than Democrats, albeit with substantially more independents than either.

We’re Suckers

Athena and Krissy were downstairs this evening when they heard a strange meow in the garage; Krissy opened the door to find a black and white kitten huddling at the garage steps. So naturally they to let it in the house to feed it and love it and hug it and call it George. Well, everything except that last one. It downed an entire bowl of food in about a minute and a half, so it was pretty clear it was near starved.

For all that it seemed comfortable with humans and didn’t even freak out too much when Kodi came along to give it a sniff. Which suggests it’s been socialized a bit, which suggests to me one of two things: Either it’s someone’s kitten who has gotten lost, or someone did that thing people do and abandoned the kitten out here in the sticks. We’ll ask around about the first of these, and if no owner is in the offing we’ll assume it’s abandoned and take it in, with the additional notation to hope that karma well and truly squares away the sort of person who abandons a kitten in the middle of winter.

If we do end up keeping the cat, it will be the second of our two cats here who just showed up, Lopsided Cat being the other (Ghlaghghgee we got when our next door neighbor showed up at the doorstep and said “here’s that cat I talked to your wife about,” which is a story in itself). This is life in rural America: No need to go looking for pets, they’ll come to you.

Note that we don’t really need another cat; two’s more than enough as it is, especially when there’s also a dog in the mix. But Krissy and Athena certainly seem to want this cat, if we can’t find the owner, and I can’t think of a reason to say no. What can I say. We’re suckers for a cute stray.