Temp Cat™ Gets In Your Face

And informs you I’m very busy today.

34 Comments on “Temp Cat™ Gets In Your Face”

  1. “Hah!” sez Temp Cat, “I laugh at the tuft of Rogaine foam on your hed!”

    What you need is a chimp to give the Temp a good scrubbing in the sink. Comedy gold.

  2. John, it’s a use of photoshop to manipulate the image other than resampling or resizing, so, while it may not be the full-blown deadline-avoidance tactics we’ve seen in the past (and have come to love and enjoy), I believe it still shows intent to commit photoshoppery.

  3. Don’t you have a deadline?

    (I think it’s pretty clear that whoever gets to name this cat, he’s already yours. Or you’re already his.

  4. Judging from the number of photos of TempCat on this site since you “got” him, I’m thinking Cassie’s right. He’s taken with you and you with him. Fortunately, he’s very photogenic. Not in a Glughaglee (which is how her name sounds in my head) supermodel kinda way, more like Harrison Ford.

  5. Dear god… if you only knew just how much Temp Cat™ looks like my cat Johm-B… (only of course, Johm-B is dead and buried these last 6 years). But MAN the markings, coloration, expression et alii are EXACT! Downright scary I tell ya…

  6. Just using the cutout filter doesn’t really count as Photoshoppery, does it?

    Um, yes it does. Just because a particular operation is very quick and easy doesn’t mean it’s not Photoshoppery. It may not be Weird-Ass™ Photoshoppery, but it’s Photoshoppery, nonetheless.

  7. Tempy kinda looks like he wants to eat my soul. Watch out for that breath-sucking thing, John.

  8. Oh hell. He’s in there watching you go potty, isn’t he? It’s all over–you are definitely owned.

    How are the other cats taking this addition?

  9. Dana Jean:

    They’re not fans of Temp Cat, to say the least. But that’s to be expected.

  10. O Great Scalzi, it is wonderful to see that you are as smitten with TempCat George as you are with Magnificent She. (Not that it is possible not to be smitten with Her Radiance, unless you are pretty much of no consequence to the universe.)

    The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club expects that She is currently testing TempCat George and that he will come through with flying colors. Then She may work Her magic upon him as She has done for so many others.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  11. TempCat has apparently chosen you as its’ human, I hope Krissy takes that into consideration when she names him! He is so adorable!!!

    be well…

  12. What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom!

    Jeez, I hope it doesn’t stay there for long. Indoor plumbing ranks above sliced bread.

  13. ROTFLMAO. You are so PWND.

    Glad Temp Cat is loved.

    And what IS it with cats in sinks? My Siegfried thinks the downstairs bathroom sink is the best nap spot in the world even though he almost overflows it now. (it’s a single, counterless wall mounted piece of porcelain probably from the 40s, with the original faucet and handles. And eventually to be replaced.)