Freshly Deleted From Today’s Writing of Zoe’s Tale

Therefore, not specifically spoilerish in any way:

“We’re ready to kill with our bare hands,” Gretchen said.

“No killing today,” said Hickory.

“Aw, nuts,” Gretchen said.

I think you’re all going to like Zoe’s friend Gretchen, by the way.

Back to writing the stuff I’m not deleting.

22 Comments on “Freshly Deleted From Today’s Writing of Zoe’s Tale”

  1. Jane would crush her. No contest. Comes from being Special Forces and a history of killing people.

  2. Minions aint all they’re cracked up to be. They’re fine for killing Parents, Uncles, Mentors, and even sometimes Best Friends, but every time i tell mine to kill anyone even remotely plucky they fail horribly.

  3. I don’t know, James. I still think a minion is considerably more reliable than a lackey. I’ve had problems with the boot-licking types.

  4. Will there be a Deleted Scenes section at the end of the book? And some author comments? How about some interviews with the cast? And some Bloopers. Yeah, we want Bloopers (without Dick Clark, though).

  5. Hey John, did you write this after reading that letter from that guy who told you that you are not aloud to voice your political view points?

  6. I don’t know if you already answered this but what happened to the non-negotiable deadline which expired like two weeks ago?

  7. Have I ever mentioned my love of the Obin? A whole race of comedic straight-men to riff off? John, you’re a jeenyus.

  8. I thought one of Zoe’s friends on Roanoke was named Gretchen . . . this is a different Gretchen, or am I simply addled?

  9. Sometimes I wish female characters in genre stuff came in varieties other than “kickass,” sort like when I wish female characters in serious contemporary literature came in varieties other than “diffident.”

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