And Yet Still No Rocket Car to the Moon

So, here’s me in 2008, watching a show from 1953 about what it’s going to be like in 1970 (moon bases, lady presidents, space crews in caps and t-shirts) on a tiny handheld computer that has exponentially more processing power than anything they had for the real moon landing in 1969.

Now excuse me, I’m off to write science fiction.

Get Your Geek On, Space Nuts

The first shot from the Messenger Mission to Mercury. It’s pretty:

Larger version here.

Temp Cat™ Requires a Name

Temp Cat™ passed two critical tests in the last 24 hours: The one at the vet that shows he’s free of feline leukemia, and the one here at the Scalzi Compound that shows he knows how to use a litter box and thus can be trusted to stay indoors overnight without pooping on the comforter. He’s now been given his shots (not happy about that) and made a member of the clan. Good for him.

What Temp Cat™ does not have yet, however, is a name. While Krissy has one or two in mind (including, actually, “Temp Cat™”), we thought it might be fun to throw it open to you, the teeming Whatever masses, to see what suggestions you might have. In fact, we’ll make it an official contest, with a prize and everything. And so, I am proud to present:

The Official Name Temp Cat™ Contest!

The rules are simple:

1. The name can’t be obscene (because, dude, we have to call him this name every day, in front of other people).

2. Pick no more than five names and put them all in the same comment. This is to make it easier on us, and to make sure one person doesn’t just reel off a whole bunch of names. Man, that’s not cool.

3. Sometime next week, Krissy will look through the comment thread and see if she likes any of the names more than the names she’s already thinking about. If she does, you win. If she doesn’t, then, well, you’re all out of luck. Sorry.

Easy enough.

What does the winner win? Dunno. How about a book? I have some lying around. We can decide which one when/if you win. I’ll even sign it.

To help you in your naming quest, some data about Temp Cat™: He’s a he, he’s about six months old, about 6 pounds, pushy in a cute way, aggressive without being obnoxious, fairly vocal and pretty active and playful. Black and white, obviously. Eats a lot. Purrs constantly. Is a small carnivore. You know.

All right, get to namin’!