Hey There.

Amazingly busy today. Hope you’re all having fun.

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  1. I wouldn’t say “fun”, exactly. If I were at Arisia, I’d be having fun as well as working.

    But I *am* finally feeling productive, after a long paralysis, so I’m taking some enjoyment from that.

    “Busy” can be good.

  2. You think going through airport security when you travel stinks?
    Try working there and dealing with… okay not with YOU, but with all the other idiots who don’t bother to read the rules, then get upset when they get their stuff opened for not following the rules.

  3. John,
    zHave you seen the Tabasco commercial with the exploding mosquito? They stole your idea from The Ghost Brigade!!! Call your lawyer!

  4. I am having fun, actually. Thank you for pimping this con, because I wouldn’t have found out about it otherwise. And tomorrow I get to return home several (signed!) books richer, having met a bunch of totally awesome people and learned some totally awesome things.

  5. I had a bit of a health-scare, but the ER docs checked me out and assured me everything is just fine.

    I did learn that disposable latex gloves come in three sizes (S/M/L), which surprised me, since condoms are made of the same stuff and are one-size-fits-all.

  6. Wow. I just finished The Android’s Dream and was acutely aware of the lack of gender for Sam. Probably about the point you did (looking back and seeing you had not assigned a sex to Sam) was when I realized it. I continued to read, figuring that either I missed it or it would be revealed later.
    I got to the end and said to myself “What in the world! I still have no idea if Sam is male or female!”
    So I did what any modern woman would do: I Googled “Sam Berlant Android’s” and found your archived post in your illustrious blog. Now I’m tickled pink that I cannot decide for myself which sex Sam is! Now I don’t really want to. :-) Time for me to go read another of your books since I’m positively addicted.

  7. I switched to a new WordPress blog.

    It was not fun.

    Especially since I hate most WordPress themes (although Gridlock seemed mighty sexy to a control freak of a blogger like myself), so hammering out my own theme in some hours was not fun.

    And finding all the little plugins that are necessary (WordPress.com automates a lot of that for folks)–also not fun.

    I also had to switch domain names, and am waiting for Google to stop indexing one domain and switch to the other, and hopefully not penalize me heavily in the process. (I made sure to put in the meta robots NOFOLLOW, NOINDEX stuff, since Google Blogger doesn’t let you do server 301 redirects to reduce search engine penalties. That made migration even less fun.)

    I hope to have fun going forwards, but will settle for having gotten the damn move over with and am just waiting for the Pagerank fallout.

  8. John was so busy, he split into three people. Really, I was there, I saw it with my own eyes. Although all three people used the same fabulous assistant to get them where they were going.

    And just as an FYI to everybody else, Annalee Flower Horne is one of those totally awesome people that I got to meet at this con.

  9. Aww shucks.

    Well it was totally awesome to meet you too, Steve (the phraze ‘totally awesome’ is totally going to wear out its totally awesomitude very shortly, if it hasn’t already). Did you get any pictures of Godzilla licking John Scalvi’s head, by chance? I was in the loo when the mayhem began.

  10. Mrs Slats, you can always do what I did and just have it both ways. I kept mentally switching Sam’s gender throughout the course of reading the book. That way, you get more gender for your buck.

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