Home From ConFusion

And I hardly hit anyone on the drive home!

More detail about convention later.

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  1. Dear Mr. Scalvi:

    Regarding our recent encounter on I-75 south of Toledo…

  2. “…hardly anyone…”

    Yeh, but according to the rules of Street Pinball, if your only hit is a nun in a wheelchair being pushed by a blind Boy Scout, it’s worth 10,000 points!

  3. Reminds me of a line cut from my novel: …he’d been in the cave many times, without once getting killed.”

    I hope the person you hardly hit has never once been killed.

  4. First drunk says to second drunk “I think we’re gettin’ closer to town.”

    Second drunk says “Why do you think that?”

    First drunk “Because we’re hittn’ more people.”

  5. Once again, I have shown amazing talent at being at a convention (for the FULL weekend, mind you) at which John Scalzi is a guest and never actually speaking to him. This would be number 5, I believe. It just somehow doesn’t work out. I have no idea how I manage it. It’s a talent, I guess. *bow* I did manage to get good pictures, and even video of the Toastmaster. Yes, John, I will send them to you as soon as I figure out how to move data from camera to PC. :)

  6. Ha! At least got to say hello. From one person with a ‘z’ in his last name to another:

    ‘v’ just doesn’t cut it.

  7. Salome,

    you do realize that after only THREE times, it becomes a fannish tradition?

    You are now obligated by Ghu to insure that whenever you are at a convention where Scalzi is present, you must do everything in your power to NOT meet him…

    Fortunately, the same does not apply to John Scalvi

  8. Nathan,


    Bacon has eyes?????????


    First a cat…. NOW an eye…..What’s next!!!!!!


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