Yes, Yes, I Know

But this was too good not to share:

The original picture is open for lolcatting purposes here.

Back into writing mode for me. See you tomorrow.


Blathering Lockdown: Day One

My editor has made it clear that after indulging my petty idiosyncrasies for months, Tor really does expect Zoe’s Tale on or near the end of the month, which is good, because I have other work piling up and I need to boot the book out the door, but also bad, because, uh, I’m not done and I have a week. The one obvious distraction is here, at the Whatever, where I love to blather so. So from now until the book is done, each day I will have do one simple test:


1. Is the book done?
a) If “yes,” blather away.
b) If “no,” stop blathering; shut up and get to work.

But since I know you will all wither away into nothingness if I do not post daily (because it’s not like you exist outside my comment threads, you see), each day I have the blather limiter on, I will leave you with a question, which you can answer and discuss to your heart’s content while I bang away like a fevered monkey on my keyboard, trying to finish the book.

So, let’s put this into practice right now:

Is the book done? NO

Blather limiter: ON

Your question for the day: Where do you get your ideas?

(Ha! Yes! The writer is having his revenge!)

Have fun with the question; I’ll update again tomorrow with a new one (since it’s unlikely I’ll be finished with the book by then. Alas).


Meet Zeus (aka The Kitten Formerly Known as Temp Cat™)

Temp Cat™ has now been formally named: His name is Zeus. As it happens, this was the name Krissy had been thinking of all along. She was momentarily swayed by the idea of formally calling Temp Cat™ Temp Cat™, but Athena preferred the name Zeus, on account of the mythological Zeus’ relationship to the mythological Athena, and it’s hard to argue with that, especially when it comes from an obstinate nine-year-old. Zeus it is.

Zeus has thus far lived up to his name not by hurling thunderbolts but by watching us all from on high, “on high” in this case being a ledge above the kitchen cupboards. This is a lifestyle choice which annoys Krissy and which will no doubt be trained out of the kitten by judicious use of a squirt bottle. But in the meantime he does seem to enjoy his Olympian vantage.

Since Zeus was a name Krissy had already had in mind, technically there is no winner to the Official Name Temp Cat™ Contest. Nevertheless, I thought it worth checking to see if anyone among the 390+ entries had come up with the name “Zeus,” and as it so happens, someone did: the commenter under the nom de plume of “A Rusty Butter Knife” did so at comment #243. Way to be psychic, ARBK! If you will be so kind as to send me an e-mail from the address you have on your comment, we’ll get to work on getting you your prize.

As for everyone else, I thank you for your participation. Zeus thanks you too, I’m sure.

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