Quick Personal Pimp: 50% Sale on “Sagan” and Others

Subterranean Press is having a short sale on the latest reprints of “The Sagan Diary” and three other titles (Rude Mechanicals by Kage Baker, Promises to Keep by Charles de Lint and D.A. by Connie Willis): Each is 50% off through tomorrow (that’s 2/1/08). That means you can pick up the book version of “Sagan,” including Bob Eggleton’s excellent cover and interior art, for just $10 (plus shipping), and get equally great deals on those other equally great books. Here are the details — do pay attention to them, because you’ll need to specify the sale when you order.

Okay, unplugging the DSL now. Later.


Blathering Lockdown: Day Eight


Is the book done? NO

Blather limiter:

Your question for the day:

1. A pristine “first state” copy of The Beatles’ Yesterday and Today, featuring the infamous “Butcher Cover.”

2. Your adorable, preciously fluffy kitten.

A fire, in your house, spreading so quickly you can save only one of the above.


Have fun. See you tomorrow.

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