Significant ZT Milestone

For those of you wondering:

Zoe’s Tale just hit 90,000 words, which means that it’s officially contractual length (my Tor contracts specify books that are 100,000 words long, plus or minus ten percent). If all goes well, I’ll be done in the next 10,000 words or so.

In other words: Not long now.

Now stop bothering me. I’m working, damn it.


Blathering Lockdown: Day Ten


Is the book done? NO

Blather limiter:

Your question for the day:
What’s a song you love that you think no one else knows about?

Mine: “That Ain’t Bad” by Ratcat. Yes, I realize you Aussies might have a clue about this one. Let’s just say the band didn’t really make the transition to the northern hemisphere.

For everyone else, here’s a YouTube video, clearly ripped by some dude who unearthed that tape he made one day in 1991 when he stayed home from school, bonged up and watched music videos all day long:

Gosh, I didn’t know the lead singer was so pretty. It’s like he went forward in time and stole Eva Longoria’s hair.

Okay, impress me with your musical obscurities. See you tomorrow.

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