Coke Addiction Claims Another Young Life

Tragic, really.

(In other news, Zeus is being properly kitten-y and manic, and is a fine addition to the Scalzi household.)

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  1. with a little proper photoshoppery, that could be a truly gruesome pic

    in related news…there’s nothing quite like an empty cardboard box to amuse, stymie, and otherwise occupy cat-folk.

  2. And here I was coming to incite a pixel-stained technopeasant rebellion due to the lack of photoshoppery. Obviously, Scalvi is a benevolent tyrant.

  3. John and Readers:
    This is not related to anything on your blog, but I thought you all might be interested and, I hope, upset by it.

    Were you aware of the following:

    The largest atheist group on the planet — 35,000 members — just got deleted from MySpace. (I’d be happy to forward their URL with the announcement to anyone who wants it.). They violated no terms of service. They committed no offense. But they were found offensive, nonetheless; some Christians complained. Now they are gone.

    I read it today on Peter Watts’ blog. Here’s the URL:

    If true, why doesn’t it rate screaming headlines an all the blogs?

    I hope you folks noticed this. I don’t recall seeing it anywhere else. Certainly, not in any mainstream media.

  4. Actually, could we not post comments that are completely unrelated to the thread at hand? I find them pretty deeply annoying.

  5. John, come now. Unrelated comments are usually tolerated, but they must be teh funny in order to be accepted. They must also have a hook, which that comment lacked. For example:

    Your cat, being black and white both, must experience segregation at cat functions. That’s much like what’s happening on the … [insert shameless link here]

    Or: Speaking of bagels, anyone else ever see their belly-button twin in a Lender’s Bagel wrapper? I once accidentally spread cream cheese in my navel — I felt like a manic kitten.

    Trust me, a large part of your crew here are professional thread Hijackers. We had our own day.

  6. Shawn Powers:

    There’s a difference between clueful and clueless threadjacking, and there seems to be more clueless threadjacking going on.

  7. It has been a few years since the bacon incident. So John is trying new torture methods on the new kitty.

    The next picture will have a can of coke tapped to Zeus.

    I am calling Peta before the insanity begins.

  8. “1. You cut a hole in the box.

    2. You put your @*^% in the box….”

    That cat is right at home.

  9. John,

    I’m as much of Diet Coke fiend as any human being I know, but don’t see the attraction to Coke Zero. Did you swap from Diet Coke to CZ, or did you come to Coke Zero from some other beverage? I’m curious, since Diet Coke plays in my life like Metallica’s Master of Puppets and the notion of straying away, while oddly appealing, frightens and confuses me.

  10. one of the cats here loves two things above all else-
    Buckets and Boxes
    sees one thats open and she can fit in, then Bam! cat is in.
    even when the cat can’t fit she still tries to, usually resulting
    in something similar to the picture above

  11. I always got the impression that you had to go to G., who would reluctantly submit to the paparazzi. Z. on the other hand is quite the ham. He really is *your* cat, isn’t he?

  12. Does diet soda really cause metabolic syndrome? Must I give it up?

    I’m a Coke Zero addict as well.

  13. My Siegfried (pushing 16 pounds at almost one year old) still thinks he can cram any part of his body into that size pop box. He gets as far as his head and then goes “oh, noes, why isn’t this working?”

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