Quick Review: Watershed, kd lang

It is such:

kd lang’s voice: Continues to be a force of nature.

kd’s song selection: eh.

Which is a bit of a bummer, because I’ve been a huge fan of lang’s recent albums, dating back to Invincible Summer, not just because of her voice but because the songs (both original and covers). They’re not doing it for me this time ’round. Which is not the end of the world: such is lang’s voice that I would happily hear her sing a phone book. But just once. I enjoyed listening to Watershed just fine but am not particularly motivated to hear any of the songs here a second time. Well, there’s always the next album.

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  1. Have you ever heard her live? Years back she played in a nearby small venue and the sound system went. Ben Mink urged her to continue and whoa. She does not need a mike or any amplification. She has a genuine voice — so strong, so clear blows you away. Absolute genuine talent, unlike so many others. I wish she’d really really focus and put out some better cds. She’s trying different things, which I can respect, but her last few have been disappointing. But I agree I’d listen to her sing the phone book or anything.


  2. I definitely plan to see her live the next time she’s within a 150-mile radius.

    I actually thought the last few albums were great, particularly Hymns of the 49th Parallel, which I thought was a great combination of singer and songs (but I apparently like Canadian songwriters quite a bit, since several of my favorites are from there).

  3. “such is lang’s voice that I would happily hear her sing a phone book”

    You know, I’ve heard this sentiment about other singers. I wonder if any of them have ever taken up the challenge, and sung a phone book? (or at least an exerpt from one, maybe just the Smiths).

  4. If I had to run out of my apartment in a fire, her Shadowland would be one of the things I grabbed.

  5. Just saw her (again) last summer with Lyle Lovett. She is spectacular live.

    If you’re looking for a new disc from an old favorite that you can listen to again and again, I recommend the new Joe Jackson record, “Rain.” I’ve listened to it about a dozen times since I got it last week, and it keeps getting better.

    Yeah, I said ‘record.’ So, what?

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  7. All You Can Eat is my absolute favorite of hers. Her voice is simply gorgeous. I do like Hymns, and Invincible Summer as well. And as for Drag, I’d have to give it an…eh.

  8. I second the love for 49th Parallel. And I was lucky enough, too, to see her in concert about ten years ago, touring with Chris Isaak. During one of her incredible songs, she held a long note, took a breath before going into the big finish, and a woman in the audience shrieked into the silence, “I love you kd!!!” She cocked an eyebrow and said, with an Elvis-y chuckle, “Cain’t blame you for that, girl.” Biggest laugh/cheer I ever heard from a concert crowd.

  9. I look forward to whatever development may occur that forces her to capitalize her name…. especially when/if the record company does it without thought, and she lacks the clout to force them to switch it back.

  10. Not only does KD have a genuine voice, she knows how to charm her fans in live performances. Heck, when I was dating my partner I tried to channel KD in order to flirt effectively. And I played “The Consequences of Falling” and other romantic KD songs to her.

    She’s my partner now so it worked, eh? Thanks KD!

  11. My fav KD Langs cds are her swing/alt country ones. Her voice is amazing and her version of “Black Coffee” is powerful enough to make be consider switching from tea. But like you the new album doesn’t move me in the way that others have. I’ll keep listening of course.

  12. Among k.d.lang’s other amazing virtues, if you can’t score with “Ingenue” on in the background, you’re simply hopeless.

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