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Me at Three

Just in case you were wondering what I looked like back in my pre-school days:

I’m the one not in the dress, thank you very much. The one in the dress is my sister Heather, who just sent me the picture, and tells me it’s from Mother’s Day in 1972. I have no memory of the day in question, although oddly enough I remember that dress of my sister’s; I think it got hauled out for pictures quite a bit. I also believe that this picture marks the last time I wore a red button-down shirt, which I think is all to the good.

Note also my blond hair, which would not last much longer (it being blond, not having hair — that lasted until my 20s). Athena also had blonde hair when she was about this age, although it has since gone brown, just as mine did.

Perhaps surprisingly, I have few pictures of myself before the age of about 28, mostly because before that time I didn’t have a digital camera, and thus taking pictures (and viewing them, and showing them to others) was just a hassle. My mother, of course, has quite a few pictures of me from way back when, but I would imagine they’re all in storage, and in any event, since she’s most of a country away, I haven’t any access to them. So it’s always fun to see pictures from this time in my life. They’re almost always surprising to me.