Daily Archives: February 11, 2008

In Musical News

The right album won Album of the Year last night at the Grammys. If you’ve not listened to River: The Joni Letters yet, you’re missing out. It’s such the right choice, in fact, that if Kanye West starts whining about how he didn’t win the category, someone needs to give him a nice hard slap […]

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Quick Note to Charles Stross

Dear Charlie:  Your new spam service may be mighty, but it just bounced back the reply e-mail I sent you as spam (specifially, it bounced it back with this technical notation: “PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 16): 552 spam”). Please ask them to let me in. I promise not to sell you any V1@gra.

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From the “Surprisingly Doesn’t Suck” Category

Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. Tastes pretty much exactly like a chocolate-covered cherry, but, you know, carbonated. Yeah, that doesn’t sound appealing to me either, but I thought I would try it, and it really does work. I think it’s carbonated more than regular Dr. Pepper, which I think is key; I’m not a huge […]

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Unasked-For Advice to New Writers About Money

I made $164,000 last year from my writing. I’ve averaged more than $100,000 in writing income for the last ten years, which means, for those of you who don’t want to bother with the math, that I’ve made more than a million dollars from my writing in the last decade. In 2000, I wrote a […]

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