Daily Archives: February 12, 2008

Not That I’m Opposed to Obama Winning the Virginia Primary…

… But is it too much to ask that when CNN calls Virginia for the man, they count more than 0% of the ballots? And actually have the man in the lead?

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Cat Meet Bird Meet Snow

I suspect that cat and the bird weren’t actually there at the same time. Or, for the sake of the bird, I hope so.

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On Writers, Marriages, and NYC/LA/SF

Much not to my surprise, of the 10 pieces of advice I gave in the Unasked-For Advice to New Writers About Money, I’m getting quite a deal of push back on two of them: “Marry (or otherwise shack up with) someone sensible with money, who has a real job,” and “Unless you have a truly […]

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The Downward Spiral

Sigh. So young. And so much trouble: We’re totally getting him into rehab next week. And by “rehab,” I mean “the vet, who will remove his testicles.” Which ought to calm him down a bit.

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My pal Colleen Lindsay has put out her shingle as an agent, specializing in “fantasy and science fiction, horror, paranormal romance, graphic novels, YA fiction, and pop culture.” And she’s looking for potential clients. Try not to completely smother her with your submissions, okay? It’s her first day. Maybe pace yourselves a bit. Also, you […]

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The Big Idea: Paul Melko

Paul Melko is another member of the Ohio SF/F Cabal (our motto: There’s More Of Us Than You Think™), and he’s just released his first novel, Singularity’s Ring, to a not inconsiderable amount of acclaim (“[A] superior debut… the ingenious character development and startling images and ideas are deeply satisfying” — Publishers Weekly). Some of […]

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